Application and web are related

People who have smartphones know very well how good functional applications are. But before being in your phone, these devices were created on the Net by application developers and they were also tested on these platforms. It is therefore undeniable that mobile applications are directly related to the Internet especially in relation to their functioning.

From installation and upgrade

It should be noted that the development of all applications is done only with software but to know if they work as expected it must be passed on the Internet. However, it is not only the design of these technologies, but also to download them, the user will have to go through specific applications of purchase and download that are directly connected to the web. But to find these technological devices one has to navigate the web, it is the only way to be able to have information on these technologies. But beyond the download, all applications, native or web, need updates. For the update therefore, it is always obligatory to go through the web to find the most recent versions. In short, the existence and performance of an application on your phone depends on the web whether it is a web-application or not.

But what is it?

In reality it is necessary to distinguish between the two types of mobile applications that exist. On myiphonedevelopment.com you will learn about the functioning of these two genres. These are first "apps" or native applications for mobile. In general these are the applications to download on sites or on blinds as it is commonly said. These frequently require updates. But there are also "web-applications" for mobile as for the iphones or Android devices that are installed on these devices and almost do not need recent versions. They can be used only in the presence of an Internet connection and work like the other applications except that they are not independent from the web even if they exist on the Smartphone.

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