Put and keep together all your facebook memories

Where are your most fond memories? They might get buried on your mobile, on your facebook account, tablet or computer. Gather your finest photos on the smooth and thick paper pages of an album you won't forget and create yourself a facebook book.

Build a tailor designed model

You can choose a chronological order that is from the first to the last photos you uploaded or by category (close family, friends, in the town, in the forest) to place your images. By putting the pictures randomly, you can absolutely vary the pleasures. So, readers will be delighted. Here are only a few examples of a multitude of templates offered:Furthermore, minor messages are always welcome. You can write down the shots, add captions, or tell a story. In the case of a recipe book, spaces are given on the pages large enough for the specifics of the recipe. In the heat of the moment, inspiration always arrives at last. Chances are during design you'll find inspiration. Trust your intuition and imagine the papered version. You will also possibly collect one or two opinions before you confirm your order.

The Memory of Good Days

Holiday souvenirs, family tables or just daily life are usually shared on facebook ... They’re a source of pleasure, of lengthy discussions. A lot of people want to keep them in books of consistency, strong and aesthetic. "You have to look at the photos and interact with them to activate your memory, not just collect them," said psychology researcher Linda Henkel interviewed by The Telegraph newspaper. Flipping through the pages of a personal photo book on facebook is indeed a shared pleasure at any age. How does one remember the good times better than this method? When you make the gesture of grabbing your camera as soon as a clear picture appears in your mind, she highlighted an "impairment effect"


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