It is now possible to learn the code for web development

Should we train everyone in computer programming? In any case, knowing the fundamentals has become necessary to be able to act in an ever more digital world. Initiatives are multiplying to develop digital culture and offer learning code. Then learn to learn to code.

Learning JavaScript

If you want to start but you do not know what language to start, we recommend JavaScript.

JavaScript is the common thread between Google logo animations, Facebook responsiveness, real-time collaboration on a Google Doc, Instagram app, and Slack app on your Windows or Mac desktop. With JavaScript, you can create web, mobile, desktop sites and applications, as well as program robots! After years of evolution, the community has made it a clean language, easy to use and accessible to all. Long live JavaScript.

You can create websites and web apps

JavaScript is mainly used for the web. In its early days, it only allowed animations on a site by manipulating HTML and CSS. He always allows it. It now allows you to make web applications (Node.js). Why is it cool? Because if you know JavaScript, you do not have to learn PHP or Python to create a dynamic website.

You can create mobile and desktop apps

Long used only for the web, the JS has for some time started to spread on other platforms. It is now possible to develop powerful mobile applications only in JavaScript (React Native).

The advantage of using JavaScript is that your application will be available on Android and iOS. You no longer need to learn two different languages to create a mobile application.

You are helped by a caring community

JavaScript is constantly being improved by a vibrant community. The online documentation is very complete and rich: any problem has its solution.

The community is actively working to make the language easier to use, more robust, more scalable and more efficient. Different syntaxes have been developed so that developers can code JavaScript in a lighter and more structured way.

So, where nearly 70% of current trades will disappear because of new technologies, it will be necessary to find people who will use these technologies. To begin, learning coding is then interesting for you.

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