Elite Print, how to change your page presentation easily !

Several tools are available to you to enable you to change the page layout of your website. However, these are not all that easy to use. Therefore Elite Print provides an innovative solution for online personalization for your convenience. To do this, you do not need to hire a web php developer. Indeed, we offer you professional in the field to accompany you throughout the integration. Our online editor easily connects to e-shopping sites. All businesses whether large, medium or small sizes compete to have it because of its ease of use. In addition, you do not need to have knowledge on integration to enjoy it. Elite Print this module you actually book with very detailed documentation so that you can know all the information that must be linked in and out. If you ever need help or advice, our technical support is also available.

The features of Elite Print

The Elite Print fonctonnalités are very simple and easy to use. You can have access to HTML5 and CSS editor for the realization of a documlent PDF version that can integrate text, images and shapes. A templating system is also available for you to preconfigure a such a document and limit modification or editing. For basic functionality, a single price is available, the 2,500 euros excluding tax. Choose between users functionality, manager, integrators with the following features for web services: PHP5 and NodeJS, a file system, a configuration file to make clear the physical paths and edit the code for switching to the database. Two hosting solutions is at your service, one of which is a shared server and the other a dedicated server can allow the installation of a PDF generator. Plugins are Magento, PrestaShop, OsCommerce and WooCommerce. If you need to change your home page at any time, please feel free to call on Elite Print to assist you in your efforts and provide you with a quick and effective solution.

Staying creative and innovative as a comapny

It is seen that many companies are born every day, and more of them are so really useful and helpful for many people, from many countries. But, according to this, it is also important to remember that most of them didn’t offers the same advantages in terms of technology.Applying for a great companyIt is to remember that nowadays, even with the unstoppable increasing of technology, many societies are still far to them. However, the majority of companies, big or not, are all (php developers) [...]

How to post news on PHP website without modifying http page?

With the news script, you can post news on your PHP website without modifying your http page.The realization of the news scriptYou need to know:- Working with a database- Working with forms- Working with dates and timestamp.By combining databases and forms, you can perform most of the common scripts !You will need to separate your script into pages. You will simply need to :- A page displaying the various news (usually this is the home page)- A page for (php development) [...]

New frameworks empowered PHP to do bigger and greater things

In this article, we can see which php programming languages are used to create web sites to get things better and greater. We'll take a better examine every language, its execs and cons, and why you have to or should not use it. When we need to create a website, we regularly spend hours questioning which language is first-rate in your situation.The electricity of the internet programming languageWhen you need to pick out a language in your website, you furthermore need to ask [...]

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