Develop with ruby!

Applications and website navigation are part of the everyday life of everyone today. It should be noted that behind these innovations, one often finds hard work of professionals using specific tools. We are one of the professionals who use ruby ​​on rails in order to offer all the specific and essential applications for smartphones. Quality is what the team advocates. Quality is evidenced by the know-how of specialists in the field as well as the effectiveness of the development tool.

The choice of ruby

Ruby on rails is the agency's favorite tool. The expertise and the mastery of this tool are really present and guarantee an impeccable result. Clearly, ruby ​​on rails or ROR is a development tool based on the Ruby language. The latter is an interpreted, cross-platform oriented language accessible to all in open source. The ROR framework was designed based on two fundamental principles: the DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself, enabling the best possible centering of the elements in one place and the Convention over Configuration which will avoid the precision of details during the work since It will follow specific conventions facilitating the development process. With these basic principles, developing a website is done quickly and very easily.


These are the many elements present in this framework that motivates developers to custom ruby on rails application development. Above all, the project will be structured at all times, offering a good organization from the outset. With migrations, it will be possible to make the structure and content of the database more easily evolve. Thanks to the Active Record function which is an ORM, the manipulation of the database will be done simply. Note also the presence of the Scaffolding which will generate the code needed by the CRUD or Create Read Update Delete. Development will also take place in specific environments namely development, testing and production. So the work will be done quickly. Of course, with ruby, security is always there.

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