Iphone are the best to read an ecommerce website

As smartphones have become very popular and performing, the activities that individuals perform with them are becoming increasingly complex. Most smartphones now have web browsers that can perform just as much as a web browser on a desktop, which opens the door for mobile online stores. But it is the Iphone that has the best browsers. If you want to build an iPhone-compatible e-commerce store, several options are available that can help.

The customer must first of all enjoy a good user experience

A good user experience must be, above all, nomadic.

The success of a mobile application is not only based on technology but also on sensations and it is the user experience that decides everything : failure or success.

Iphone are the best to read an ecommerce website

From the mobile website to the native application, the Magento open source e-commerce platform offers several possible ways to make a site accessible on smartphones and tablets. The first solution to adapt an e-commerce website under Magento for a smartphone or tablet screen is to use a mobile template. That is to say a graphic charter specifically dedicated to a mobile terminal. Magento offers several, adapted for the various terminals of the market including the iPad and the iPhone.
The mobile template Magento makes it possible very quickly to adapt the rendering according to the device used for the navigation based on a detection of the navigator.
Magento also offers e-commerce sites a turnkey solution: the Magento native application. The latter is a downloadable application on the terminals, to access the content of the website and make purchases through an ergonomics totally adapted to the technical specifications of the Iphone.

Finally, companies wishing to go further and offer a mobile application covering very specific needs, taking advantage of the richest features of Iphone, will opt for the Web Services API provided by Magento in its standard offering.

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