Bringing Php programming to the forefront of development

For an objective to be applied in several ways, php programming is the right choice as it is considered a versatile one. A survey mentions that nearly 20 million domains make use of php. Important information is that almost all major sites such as Face book and Wikipedia as well as other prominent php open source projects such as Word Press, Drupal make php as their main source for development. In that way php programming language is a demanded and famed language, and it works towards the forefront of development.

Error report on

At time of application development, the error reporting and display errors can be turned on. By this method, the run time errors can be viewed and the source of errors can be identified. The servers’ php.ini file can be used for run time configurations. The beneficial fact of turning on error reporting is that, errors are known earlier and fixing them is done promptly. They may be warning messages with php which are usually memory related ones which can be handled.

Commenting codes

It is actually a good practice to document comments along with the codes, but not mandatory to comment every single line of code. The most complicated part of source code can be commented, as the developer revisits can recollect what has happened.

Handy code snippets

In php development career, a lot of same things are coded throughout and for the same reason; possessing code snippets handy can help the developer save a lot of time. There are a number of apps which assist in code snippet collection, so wherever you are code snippet collection can be readily available for you. Few apps for code snippets are code collector, snippet, snipplr, snippely and more.

Role of source editor

The editor is where the developer spends more time and so a perfect choice which saves time is mandatory. Syntax highlighting is mandatory and in the same manner code navigation, hinting and in built debugging tools are important. These mentioned features are a perfect choice which helps in saving more time.

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