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The list of programming languages ​​is composed of all languages ​​implemented in a compiler or interpreter, in alphabetical order. And for recent languages, there is at least one widely used program written in this language.

The main languages

What we must remember is that any attempt to classify programming languages ​​as a hierarchy from the lowest to the highest level is necessarily subjective and arbitrary. In addition, to say that such language is high/low on its own is not very relevant if it is not directly compared to something. The low level compared to PHP or Python, but it is also very high level compared to the machine language. To give an overall idea of ​​the position of the different languages ​​in relation to each other. Low-level languages ​​are ASM, C, C++, and C#, while middle-level languages ​​are Java, Scala and VB.NET. On the other way here, we speak of high-level languages ​​under the sign of VB, Perl, Python, PHP, JavaScript and Ruby.

By a specialty and need

Programming languages ​​are an important and influential choice in a business application project. The php programming solution is generally chosen according to the type of application desired. But even in a very specific sector, such as automation for a website, various choices remain accessible. With very different goals at the end of the chain. Many developers do not create full-time code. Especially in small structures. A "high-level" language is a language that offers abstraction and ease of programming in relation to the two facets of assembler language mentioned above. In all, the concept of high level is fluctuating, but it means many languages ​​that facilitates programming management.

The languages all have a level. The higher the level of a language, the closer this language is to ours, and the easier it is to understand. Do not believe that low-level languages are uninteresting, on the contrary they allow to better understand the operation of your computer.

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