What are the benefits of offshore hosting ?

Are you a manager or an individual who owns his own site but has encountered some problems while using it? Do you feel that your site is running out of data processing or has it become inactive? Your site is definitely the victim of a DDoS attack. In this type of situation you are advised to adopt offshore accommodation. But what is a DDoS attack and what can these accommodations bring you?

But what is a DDOS attack?

This is a third-party attempt to overload your system and network using malicious queries. The goal is to sabotage the content of your website. For example for an e-commerce site, when the customers will update the web page, the latter will not load and consumers will not be able to make their purchases. So you will not be able to make a profit. Sometimes the site becomes inactive, which does not allow customers to read the content or log in to their accounts. In the worst case, DDoS attacks can cause a saturation of the bandwidth which can cause network failures on the side of the customers. What to do in this case? To get rid of these attacks, you can opt for Offshore Reseller hosting.

How can offshore accommodation help you?

To protect your site against any DDoS attack you can opt for offshore accommodation like Koddos which can offer you very effective solutions. Their systems have several layers of filtration to mitigate the attack. Due to the multitude of these types of attacks and their emergence, these types of hosting have deployed a large network of 400 Gbits. By filtering these attacks, these accommodations can block malicious traffic. After filtering, traffic passes through their cleanup centers by removing them so that it does not reach your customers' interface. After that, you will see that your website will be much more functional.

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